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[Infographic] First Home Buyers – Who Are They?

This week we take a deep dive into some statistics to examine the profile of FHBs a little closer. Do you fit the profile?

What to Do In Brisbane

We talk a lot about the Brisbane property market on this blog. This week we thought we'd talk a bit about the city itself, and what this the bustling capital of Queensland – Australia's sunshine state – has to offer.

Brisbane Rental Price Trends 2019

Today we review the rental price trends for Brisbane in 2019. Whether you're a renter or investor, you'll be interested to see what'a happening in your neighbourhood...


New Laws Protect Off the Plan Buyers

In 2018 the Australian Government approved new conveyancing laws to protect off the plan buyers from certain shortcomings of some developers. Today we explore what the changes entail and how they protect property investors and off the plan buyers.


What does Brisbane’s Future Blueprint mean for property developers? (part #3)

Known for its warm weather and cultural diversity, Brisbane’s warm weather is not the only thing that attracts new visitors each year - It is the unique suburbs and communities that gives Brisbane it’s vibrancy and keep visitors wanting to stay… permanently.

Which means that as a growing destination, the city needs to keep evolving to stay attractive to its communities - and with over 1300 people moving here each month, there will need to be more and more housing supply.


What does Brisbane’s Future Blueprint mean for property developers? (part #2)

Brisbane’s Future Blueprint is about to shape the way of the city’s future. In part one, we highlighted the first three principles (listed below) and the affect each one may have on property developers.

We also discussed how the blueprint was formed - by a discussion involving people of all ages from every single suburb in Brisbane, which helped the council get a clearer view of what the community wanted. Although this sounds great for the Brisbane community, what kind of impact will it have on property developers?


What does Brisbane’s Future Blueprint mean for property developers? (part #1)

Brisbane is certainly becoming a fantastic place to live and work. Competing with the likes of Melbourne and Sydney, the subtropical destination is slowly evolving into one of Australia’s most liveable cities.

With more and more people wanting to call Brisbane home, the city attracts approximately 1300 new residents each month - although this number cannot be sustained with the current housing supply.


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What causes property price to fall and how to stay calm when it does?

As an investor, if we lived in an ideal world we would want property prices to keep on rising. However, as with any type of investment market, investing in property comes with its own ups and downs.

If the market does start to decline, the idea is to be vigilant but not panic driven. Remaining emotionally centred and having a back-up plan for when the property market drops too low, will enable you to bounce back a little quicker than the rest.


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