Why invest in real estate? [Infographic]

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Investing in real estate can be a whirlwind journey of ups and downs, and it's easy to lose sight of "why" we started it in the first place. Sometimes taking a step back to examine these factors can help us re-focus our strategies and renew our efforts for better results.

Today we present our top 8 reasons for investing in real estate - in infographic format.

Why invest in real estate - Infographic │ A9 Property │ Brisbane real estate

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Prices can only go up

With Australia's stable economy and growing population, the theory of supply and demand dictates that property prices – and your net worth – can only increase.

Passive Income

If your property is positively geared, it provides you with an income from your tenants' rent. This can be used for future investments, paying your mortgage, or even your holiday fund.


Thanks to the power of lending, real estate investment is unique in how many assets you can acquire relative to your starting capital.

Relatively Small Capital Required

Unlike other investments, including the stockmarket or opening a business, you can enter the real estate market with as little as a 20% downpayment.

Tax Benefits

Investment properties allow you to further increase your profits through a large number of tax exemptions and claims, not least of which is negative gearing.

Safer Than The Stockmarket

Housing markets have historically been far less volatile than the stockmarket; you never risk it crashing and being left with nothing.

Beat Inflation

Properties continue to hold their value and can even rise along with inflation. Some investors call this "futureproofing".

No entry barrier to investing

Although it seems daunting at first, the skills required to invest in real estate are simple to grasp and quickly acquired. The fact that you're reading this means you've already begun!

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