[Infographic] First Home Buyers – Who Are They?

First Home Buyers Infographic | A9 Property, Brisbane

[Infographic] First Home Buyers -- Who Are They?

First Home Buyers -- at some point, we all are them! This week we take a deep dive into some statistics to examine the profile of FHBs a little closer -- juicy info for realtors, sellers and buyers alike. Do you fit the profile?

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National FHB Profile

  • Over 660,000 properties sold in Australia annually; 18% of these are estimated to be first home buyers, leading to a market of approximately 119,000 first home buyers per year.

  • First home buyers are getting older; due to inflation and rising property values, the age of entry into the market is now above 30 and sometimes 40. Buyers are generally committed couples with established careers; 60% have children.

  • The average cost of first homes bought in Australia is $401,000.

  • The average home loan for first home buyers was $327,400.

  • Despite the huge choice of lenders available, 65% of buyers never switch banks due to the perceived hassle.

  • The Australian Government continues to support First Home Buyers, with Grants of $10-20,000 available in each state.

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Gen Y

  • Gen Y are the best savers in Australia, saving an average of $533/week

  • 94% of this generation's home searches are performed online.

  • 58% of searches were performed using an iPhone

  • Average time searching for a property was 11 weeks

  • 97% of Gen Y finance their home purchase, with an average of 93% of the total home value being financed

  • 27% of Millennials get help from parents with their deposit

  • The biggest reasons for buying a property are #1 as a source of wealth, and #2 to accommodate a family

  • The biggest barrier to entry was saving for a deposit

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